Power Adapters By Country – Essentials Of Travel

You might be surprised to know that voltages aren’t the same all over the world. In the USA its 120V while all other countries use 220v to 240V. For people who travel a lot, it might be a problem to use their electronics in another country. They may have to buy power adapters by country, but that’s not the main problem. Different countries have different kinds of sockets and that what you really need to know.

Power Adapters by Country – Type A socket: This socket has space to fit in a plug that has two flat parallel pins, and is used in most of North America and the East coast of South America, mostly used by electronics that do not require much current.

Power Adapters by Country – Type B Socket: The plug for this kind of socket requires a plug that is similar to the Type A plug the only difference is that it has a neutral pin as well, which is round and longer so that before the device is connected with electricity it is earthed. This type is used a lot in the USA with devices that require more power.

Power Adapters by Country – Type C Socket: These sockets are made for plugs similar to type A but they have round pins instead of flat ones. Again, these types are used by low voltage devices which do not need to be earthed. Also called the Euro Plug, these sockets are used in Continental Europe, Central Asia, and most of Africa.

Power Adapters by Countries – Type D Socket: This type of socket and plug were introduced by the British in the 1940s and can be found in countries that were under British rule. It is also referred to as the Old British Plug, and has three large round pins in a triangular order. Made for use with heavy-duty electronic devices.

Power Adapters by Country – Type E Socket: These types might surprise you, since the socket has a round earth pin sticking out from it, while the plug has two round pins and a hole for the neutral. You will find this type in France, Belgium, and other areas of Europe.

Power Adapters by Country – Type F Socket: German Engineered, the plug is known as a “Schuko” plug, and it’s a bit like type E except that it has two earth clips on the side of the plug. This type is used in European countries like Germany, Spain, Belgium and other close by countries to Germany.

Power Adapters by Country – Type G Socket: This socket complies with a three-pin plug that has rectangular blades, and a protective fuse to protect the device from high currents. The Socket has a power surge protection, and this type started from the UK and is used in Japan, Hong Kong, some parts of Australia and Africa.

Having looked at all of the socket types, you know what kind you will need where, so just get a voltage converter and buy the power adapter which suits the place your traveling to and you are good to go!

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