Preparing Your Own Backyard Pond

Artificial pond stocked with pond fish
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If you are tired of looking at your plain backyard garden, maybe now is the time to add a fish pond to it. Backyard ponds are one of the great additions to a garden because they add an additional element of nature, helping transform your yard to a backyard oasis. If you love fish it also gives you another way of taking care of fish instead of just setting up an indoor aquarium.

There are basically two types of garden fish ponds: the sunken fish pond and the elevated fish pond. The sunken fish pond takes a lot more work because you have to dig a deep hole in order to install the pond. The benefit,however, is that you will be able to easily see the fish as they swim around in the pond. You can also put up a mini bridge over the sunken fish pond if you choose. The elevated fish pond, on the other hand, is easier to set up because you simply flatten the soil in the area where you are going to place the pond and build the pond directly above the ground. The wall of the elevated fish pond can also serve as a seat for people depending on how thick the wall will be.

Different kinds of fish can be placed in these ponds, the most common being carp. Carp come in a variety of colors, ranging from red and orange to white and black. These fish will give your pond a colorful look; however, you have to know how big your fish pond is and how many fish are appropriate for your pond. These fish are fairly sensitive and can die if the environment of the pond is not suitable to their needs. Adding a variety of plants to the pond will provide extra nutrition for your carp and will also improve the overall look of your backyard pond.

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