Understanding Your Pressure Canner

Selecting a pressure canner for sale for your home or business use is difficult especially if you do not know how to use it and much more to maximize it to your benefit. This kitchenware may look and sound similar to a pressure cooker, but they actually have differences that are quite interesting to know about. Both cooking apparatuses are useful in pressure-cooking but what makes your canner different?

A pressure canner is a cookware you use to make your own canned foods. This is very useful when storing food that you would like to have throughout the year. These foods are placed in cans or glass jars and heated until a certain pressure is achieved and maintained for a specific time.

Most of the time, your canner is bigger and it contains a jar rack inside where you can properly place your food cans so it won’t dodge inside the cooking device. Make sure that the glass jars are properly sealed before putting them inside the canner. Once you have filled the cooking machine with water, it is very important to check whether the lid is properly closed.

There is a pressure gauge usually located at the top of the canner, together with a valve, that allows you to control the heat and pressure inside the canner. It is dangerous to open the canner when it is cooking because the pressure inside builds up and could cause the same effect when a shaken can of soda is opened.

There are a variety of food that can be stored in the cans, such as pork, beef, chicken, fish, fruits, vegetables and all low acid foods. The time it takes to cook the food depends on the type of food that you are canning. For example, if you are canning vegetables, you can set the pressure to 10 pounds and the timer at 20 minutes.

Before anything else, make sure that you have read the user manual. This is the best way to understand and get to know your pressure canner. You can find lots of instructions online and you can even search for a specific canner model type. Canning is a practical way to store food. Once you understand how it works, you can use it to your advantage.

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  1. Great guide on pressure canning. I definitely agree with reading the instructions as each pressure canner is slightly different (depending on size and brand). Also following approved canning recipes is a good thing to keep in mind since the majority of those have been tested and you will not run into as many problems with botulism so long as you keep your pressure up for the recommended length of time.

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