How To Make Your Own Princess Lamp

A princess lamp is something that you can really create yourself. However, whenever you’re dealing with lighting fixtures you need to make sure that you follow proper safety precautions. This is something that you can use in a nursery or even in your main living space.

You can really just go with a lot of sparkle if you are using this in a traditional living room. In this case you just want to go with more of a high end piece. It can have a lot of crystals. Even lamps that look like chandeliers are really popular right now, although they’re going to be one of your more expensive options. Consider going for a little more sophisticated princess lamp. You just want to really focus in on richness and sparkle. In fact even a stained glass piece can give you that same kind of effect.

However, it’s usually a lot more whimsical when you’re using this in a kids room. In this case, you could just try adding feathers around a lampshade. Another option would be just to go with a pink piece. Sometimes bases are just a white or metallic and this can be a little bit boring. Instead go with a colorful kind of design style. You may even be able to find rhinestones or a studded shade. Instead of going very literal with crowns just use the same elements of sparkle in the space. You can also mimic the general shape with metal wall art or modern wall art.

Another option is to use paint on your shade. In this case, you could just paint a simple tiara silhouette. You could also just go with the word princess which is going to be very literal. In this case, you can just keep it more sophisticated. In fact, this is a way that you can take a silver lamp base that you have and turn it into something that’s fun enough for a kids room. It’s also going to be the most understated design style.

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