Pronto M41: Features That Go Beyond The Usual

There is no better way to describe wheelchairs as devices that help physically disabled people to be mobile again despite their physical condition. However, these devices would never exist if no one would manufacture them. Now, this is where all the great differences take place.

A certain Invacare power wheelchair differs from any other power wheelchairs. Naturally, part of its differences may be attributed to the brand name. That is only because Invacare is one of those highly respected mobility and handicap devices up to this moment.   Moreover, this brand is a hallmark of quality, support and durability.

From Invacare, is a selection of wheelchairs that physically disabled people would want to have. The selections include models after models of manual and power wheelchairs. Sometimes, due to their promising features, buyers are even confused as to which unit would really suit their needs.

One highly recommended model from this brand is Pronto M41 wheelchair.  The first promise that this model holds is highly efficient built in motor. With this motor, the charge of the device last longer than the usual span.

Another extra ordinary feature of this device is its ability to pass even through tighter spaces. This device is built with caster wheels in front and at the back. With these tiny wheels, it is easier for a handicap to control the device even as he tries to take a sharp turn on contained area. The compact size of the unit is also a factor that helps it get through such spaces.

Of course, a feature that most handicaps barely find in their devices is comfort. Pronto M41 is built with office- type seat and back support. These foam padded seat makes it easier for every handicap lasts long hours of seating.

The features that this model offers aren’t available in most power wheelchairs. To obtain some of them, handicaps would have to obtain various accessories.

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