Pull Down Projector Screen Ideal For Multimedia Viewing

Projectors are not only popular among the movie lovers for watching movies in the comfort of their home, but are used as the source of viewing multimedia in various places as well. Whether it’s a conference hall, or a class room, or a university lecture hall, the use of projectors has become very common. This is why buying the best pull down projector screen has become the priority of many people.

The reason why pull down screens are more popular in such places is that they are ideal for those rooms which are used for multiple purposes. An office conference room might not be used for conferences only, the staff can also hold small farewell parties in it as well; similarly in a classroom, students don’t always have to view multimedia every time they are having a lecture. A pull down screen is preferred because it can easily be rolled back to a specific point, and does not occupy the whole wall.

A pull down projector screen is usually mounted to either a ceiling or a wall and has a small handle at one side for pulling down the screen easily. Once you pull the handle for opening the screen, it remains in that position due to the presence of the spring and pin assembly present at the top of the screen. When you are done with viewing the required multimedia, you can simply give the handle a snug and the screen will roll back to the initial position. As a result you have a free wall space available for you.

While buying a pull down screen you have various options. For classroom use, you can buy the screen in AV Format. If you are into watching old classic movies then buying a pull down screen in the NTSC Format must be your priority. And if you love watching the latest movies then you should go for an HDTV Format screen.

Irrespective of whichever format you buy your pull down projector screen in, you should always consider the ratio of 16:9 and 4:3 while buying a screen for the best quality view.  It is also important to select the right projector screen material for the optimum movie watching experience.

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