Purple Laptop – Breaking Free from Standards

For the last years, black or gray has been the standard color for any gadgets or manufacture devices. This is through the design guideline made by the Legendary Ford founder Henry Ford. This guideline has been passed to the PC manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Apple and others. However, the design guidelines and strategies have changed through time. The corporate color schemes does not matter at all especially for those who are creative and want to break free of the standards. This change is marked by the appearance of laptops.

Today, laptops are seen as statements. For this reason, many manufactures changed their customer strategy. They started to modify laptops’ casing. They started to add flashy colors and other designs making laptops more personalized than usual. One of those customizations is the purple laptop. This customization is becoming popular today because it is attractive and its color shows another side of laptops. It shows that laptops can be transformed into a more stylish one. As compared to corporate laptop, which has a black and gray color; purple laptop is nicer to look at. It affects moods and all not like the corporate laptop which is so common and so formal.

Like a laptop, a laptop bag is now customized to add more of a personal touch not just like the common, big, black, and robust bags back then which is not applicable to a variety of users. This time, a laptop bag is more fashionable. Protecting your investment is  a good idea and scratches commonly occur while traveling.

Many people think that a colorful laptop or a laptop bag affects professionalism. But I do disagree with this statement. In my opinion, customizing your personal belongings is just showing your funny and creative side. I always thought that being professional is great but being creative is cool.

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