The Watch Bezel And Its Purpose

The pocket watch is a marvelous creation which is small but full of wonder. It has many intricate parts which enable it to tell time correctly. One of the parts which people easily recognize is the bezel. The bezel is found on the outer part of the watch. It is both decorative and functional. The watch bezel is what frames the face of the watch. It may or may not hold the crystal in place. All types of pocket watches, like the Waltham pocket watch have bezels. Normally the watch bezel is made of the same material as the watch but this is not true for all cases. There are watches which have different materials for the bezel and the case. Bezels can be made of silver, gold, stainless steel and others.

What is the unidirectional rotating watch bezel? We often hear this term when talking about watches. This is mostly used on diving watches. This can only be moved in one direction and that is counterclockwise. This prevents the diver from losing track of time every time he or she is underwater. This can be used to tell the diver how much time is left before his tank runs out of air. This type of bezel will not fall off because it is locked safely in place.  This is an important purpose of the watch bezel.

How about the bidirectional watch bezel? What is it? This is also known by another name, tachymeter. This is used to track time too. It can be turned in two directions, clockwise and counterclockwise. This can track the average speed of the runner and also the distance traveled by a person.

The Adanac watch bezel is another. This is suitable for people who travel to faraway places with different time zones. This can help the user track two time zones at the same time. You can set the watch to Mountain Standard Time and the bezel to Pacific Standard Time.

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