How Much You Should Expect To Pay For Good Rain Boots

As with all articles of clothing rain boots come in a variety of price points. Cheap rain boots can be had for $20 or so in the most expensive go well into the $200 range. While you largely get what you pay for when purchasing rain boots it is important to note that not all pricing is a reflection of quality. This article looks at three different price points of rain boots: under $50, under $100 and over $100.

First let’s look at the low-end. Rain boots for under $50 can be found at your local discount stores or outlet stores. These rain boots tend to be a little bit less quality than some of their higher-priced competitors. They also tend to be less comfortable as cheaper materials are used for their manufacture. If you are looking for a quick pair of rain boots decent suit you fine if you’re looking for long-term wearability look to a little bit more expensive model.

The middle-of-the-road road rain boots is where I tend to find the most value. I find that the construction of rain boots at around the $100 mark is much better than those for under $50. This to me is the sweet spot of the rain boot market. These rain boots are high-quality and comfortable and will last for very long time.

If you have some money to spend look for rain boots in that $200 range. These rain boots are going to be made by high-end designer like Burberry or Prada will be worth their weight in gold if you’re into high-end fashion.

Rain boots can be purchased at a variety of prices. It is important to note that in general prices reflection of overall quality and comfort. That said try to avoid the extremes of really cheap or really expensive and pick something in the middle. These generally offer the greatest value in rain boots.

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