Refurbished vs. New Laptops

Buying refurbished laptops has been the choice of many people over the last few years, especially those who could not afford brand new laptops. Lucky are those who are able to get free laptops and laptop totes, but most of the population had to pay good money for them.

Laptops are investments so when you buy one you want to make sure that you are getting a quality product which you can use for a god number of years. Refurbished computers are popular because they are cheaper than brand new laptops. Some refurbished laptops are good and some are not. Most people say you really cannot expect refurbished laptops to be as good as new ones and that there is indeed a difference between the two.

When you buy a new one laptop, you can be sure that it has not been opened, let alone used. Most manufacturers also include lots if accessories as well software. Installation discs, a free mouse and an adapter are just a few of the things you can get for free when you buy a new laptop. When you buy a new laptop, you get something which is perfect. However, there have been cases when people got lemons. It can be easily exchanged for a new one, though.

Refurbished laptops, on the other hand, are computers which have been damaged and repaired and reconditioned. They can also be store-return products which are sold as refurbished or used. Most companies say that their refurbished parts and laptops are just as good as new because they have repaired for functionality, as well as cosmetically to make them look impeccable. Some companies even put a new casing on a laptop which has been refurbished. Other people might get refurbished laptops with a few scratches.

Brand new laptops often come with warranties for service and parts which can be renewed when it expires. Most large companies like HP, Dell and Mac also have warranties for some of their refurbished items.  In terms of pricing, refurbished laptops are at an advantage because they are cheaper than new ones.

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