Retractable Lanyard Guide

When a person is doing work at a height above 6 feet, they must meet the fall protection requirements by the Occupational Safety Health Administration. These requirements can be met in a number of different ways, but one of the most common methods is to use a safety lanyard. However, some lanyards have a fixed shape so the worker can only stand on one part of it. If the worker needs freedom to move around while working, or needs to work at different heights, then they may need to use a retractable lanyard.

A retractable lanyard is composed of three main components. The first part is the anchor point. This piece must be very sturdy and have the ability to hold a large amount of weight. The lanyard is attached to the anchoring point and then to the body harness. Each of these components needs to be made with very reliable and safe materials to in the event of a fall because if one part of the system fails, the entire device can collapse can result in injuries or even death. For this reason, a retractable lanyard should be made and used very carefully to insure that fall system is safe.

Lanyards can come in many different styles, shapes and sizes. Many of them also have different kinds of safety measures and attachment points. Usually, it is important to use the right lanyard for the exact type of job you are going to be performing so the height requirements can be met. But with retractable lanyards, you will not need to make these decisions because their height can be adjusted according to the workers preference. They usually have a high anchoring point which provides enough space to keep the canister above the worker. The lanyard can also retract and extend with the movements of the worker, making them versatile and easy to use.

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