Some Rice Cooker Foods In The Zojirushi NP-HBC10

After working out just how to make plain rice, many people are keen to try out other rice cooker recipes. This is a very good thing because regardless of whether you have one of the cheapest machines or a more expensive model, such as the Zojirushi NP-HBC10, it is quite easy to make lots of different mixed rice recipes. By this I mean dishes that you prepare in your rice cooker that include rice as well as other ingredients. You are free to try pretty much anything that you want.

If you have never made a rice cooker recipe before, it might be a wise decision to start with a particular recipe rather than just experimenting. It is certainly worth trying your own ideas. But first it is good to know roughly what you are going to do. So following a particular recipe is not a bad idea.

Most of them suggest that you should use, instead of water, a vegetable, fish or meat stock. This helps to provide the dish with an abundance of flavor. So if you would like to try and make a mixed rice and fish dish, it makes sense to use a fish stock. But if you want to add chicken to your rice, the smart move would be to use a chicken stock. You can possibly buy ready made stock but the best thing to do is to make it fresh yourself.

At the moment, there are some rice cooker recipe books but you can actually get some ideas for free just by searching the internet. Particularly if you can find some pictures then you might not feel the need to get an actual book. There are so many ideas to consider. Do you want to make something simple or are you hoping to create a dish with loads of different flavors. Both styles work well. As long as you choose the right stock for your ingredients, you are sure to be able to make something that tastes pretty good.

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