Room Colors for Guys

Room colors for guys really allow you to get a masculine feeling on a budget. Your significant other should have some sort of say in your home décor too. This can be different from your basic red or black so it doesn’t have to be so much of a cliché.

Blue is one of the more obvious choices for room colors for guys. However, you can really just change it up by the color of blue that you choose. Cobalt blue is very daring. You can match this with black leather furniture or even more neutral taupe pieces. This is really a statement color. It could work on the walls depending on the room. For instance, in a kitchen it could work just because it is so dramatic but you really don’t have that much wall space in these rooms. In this case you should just go with very neutral white or pine cabinetry. You could also look for light shades in a cobalt blue to make a big impact inexpensively and add personality to a room with a lot of stainless steel in it.

When you decorate with a dramatic color you can bring in pattern. Cobalt blue tile is traditional in the Spanish kinds of themes. This can have a lot of swirl designs on it which are going to bring in accent colors to tone this down. This is perfect if you want masculine colors that will still have wide mass appeal and are easy to live with. This is why picking the right interior paint colors or living room color schemes is so important.

Since this is such a contemporary color palette really embrace this. Look for white paper lanterns. These are one of the least expensive lighting fixtures you can find and it makes a huge difference in your space. This is one of the most masculine ways that you can really design a room that still has a put together look.

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