The World Famous San Diego Zoo

The diversity of the city of San Diego has made it one of the most popular places to live in, and in fact its citizens come from different walks of life and have many different lifestyles. But it’s not just the people who find San Diego’s perfect weather ideal for habitation, because the city is also the home of many different pets! There are many animal lovers in San Diego, which is why it is no surprise that a number of animal oriented attractions have been built in the city, and perhaps the most famous of them all is the San Diego Zoo.

The 107 acres that make house the San Diego Zoo has over 4,000 animals within its borders, which have been selected from over 800 different species of beasts. Each animal is able to live and thrive in the zoo, due to the area’s climate, its size, and the tender loving care given by the animal handlers. The weather and location of the zoo also make it very welcoming for the people who are visiting on a regular basis.

Despite its size, however, the zoo is very friendly to visitors, because it is very easy to actually get around the place even if it’s your first time. The presence of multiple transportation options, like buses that can bring people to around 75% of the park, to the Skyfari, a gondola lift system that brings people around while giving them a bird’s eye view, make going around easy. And if you fancy walking around, there are many walkways that can bring anyone to almost anywhere in the zoo.

Whether it’s by walking, taking the bus, or flying overhead on the Skyfari, visitors will be treated to a number of open air attractions. Like the open air bird exhibit that showcases the biggest free-flight aviaries on the planet! And there are also many indoor, yet smaller exhibits to enjoy, many of which have been made to have the same characteristics as the natural habitats of the animals showcased inside.

Animal lovers everywhere should visit San Diego and drop by the zoo. It is a spectacle that is one of the most famous attractions San Diego has to offer. Definitely should be included in any must-see places list!

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