Save With Solar!

If you have a swimming pool and would like to save money on chemical costs and water loss, you need to know about solar pool covers. Solar pool covers come in several different styles to meet whatever needs you may have. There are covers made for underground pools and also for above ground pools. You can find them that are manual, meaning you do all the work, automatic which are much more expensive though only require the push of a button to function and semi automatic which functions with a system of rods and a roller.

You can also use a liquid solar pool cover. This is a completely invisible film that lays on the surface of your water. It is a mixture of Isopropyl alcohol and a proprietary ingredient and is harmless to the eyes and skin. Liquid solar pool covers acts as a barrier that traps in heat and prevents the evaporation of water and chemicals. Since it is liquid it continues working even while there are swimmers in the pool.

Solar pool covers are only one of the ways that thousands of people are taking advantage of the rays of the sun. The sun is an amazing natural energy source that is renewable and completely free! Just one hour of sunshine on the surface of the earth is so powerful it could provide the whole planet with energy for an entire year! Some of the advantages of solar energy are it provides clean energy that is not damaging to the environment, it can save you a substantial amount of money and it is available pretty much anywhere! You can install solar panels to provide electricity to your home, you can use outdoor solar lighting to light your porch or deck, walkways, garden, pool or driveway, there are solar birdbaths and fountains and solar battery chargers. If you are interested in doing something healthy for the environment and healthy for your budget, consider going solar!

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