Qualities You Want In A Seattle WA Property Manager

Choosing the right Seattle WA property manager is important if you want to protect your interests. The right property manager will make you a hero to your tenants and also enhance your reputation in the community. At the same time, the wrong manager can cause a lot of damage that could take years to overcome.


One of the key attributes you want in a Seattle WA property manager is plenty of knowledge about the local market for rental properties. The ability to tap into that collection of wisdom will allow you to price your properties at competitive rates and help to increase the odds of avoiding a large number of vacancies. The right property manager will also have contacts that can help you connect with repair and service personnel when the need arises.

Organizational Skills

Since the property manager in Seattle WA will be overseeing just about every aspect of your rental properties, you need someone who can stay on top of everything. This includes important tasks like screening potential tenants, correctly recording rental receipts from your current tenants and keeping you informed of any issues related to your real estate holdings. In the best case scenario, you should be able to contact the manager at any time and get an up to date idea of exactly where you stand with any particular aspect of the property management process.

Solid Customer Relations Skills

A property manager who is able to interact with others is very important. This means you need someone who has competent customer relations skills. Since the manager will interact with your tenants on your behalf, it is important that those communications be concise, clear and respectful. A manager who is unable to communicate effectively with a tenant could create a great deal of ill will that is ultimately directed at you. This can manifest in long term tenants choosing to not renew leases and warning others to look for rental properties elsewhere. By the same token, the right property manager will have the ability to defuse any tenant issue that has the potential to cause a lot of difficulty. A manager with sound communication skills can calm a tenant who is upset, find a way to help resolve whatever issue is causing the problem, and ultimately ensure that the tenant remains loyal. That loyalty will translate into a tenant that gladly renews the lease and also is happy to recommend your properties to anyone who is seeking a comfortable place to live.

Protecting Your Interests

A key function of any Seattle WA property manager is the ability to protect the interests of the property owner. This sometimes means telling the owner something he or she doesn’t want to hear. For example, you may not want to hear that the boiler in one of your apartment buildings must be replaced in the next year or so. A competent property manager will advise you of the situation in a timely manner. As a result, you have the chance to make the replacement before the boiler fails and causes a great deal of inconvenience for your tenants.

The Bottom Line

When you begin your search for the right property manager, make it a point to base your decision on something other than the cost. While you do want to keep the expense within reason, it is more important to entrust the care and management of your properties to someone that will do the best job. Take your time and weigh the pros and cons associated with all the agencies around town. With a little research, you will identify the property manager that will competently oversee your holdings and make you and your tenants very happy.

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