Proper and Secure Outdoor Bike Storage

I have ridden bikes ever since I was old enough to get up on them, and I intend to continue doing it until the day I die. I’ve put a lot of both time and money into my bikes over the years, and so I want to keep my investments safe. So when I moved into a new apartment and realized that it was too cramped to keep my bike inside, I was nervous about keeping it outside.

I talked to some bike owners in my neighborhood, and at their recommendation I decided to install a bike storage shed outside my building. At first, I was worried that the shed was going to be too little protection from being stolen, but I soon realized I was wrong.

Bike sheds are available that are very secure and well built. The one I had has strong walls, a firm door, and a combination lock that would make any thief think twice. At the same time this solid construction keeps the elements away from my bike too. Rain and sunlight will age a bike, and so I like to keep it away from them as much as possible.

I didn’t want to keep my equipment outside though, so in order to make it convenient to store them, I downloaded some mudroom locker plans from online and built a small locker near my backdoor. I added a little extra shelving to help hold everything, and now I have a perfect place to set my helmet, gloves, and sunglasses when I’m not riding.

If you need to keep your bike outside, but are worried about its safety, then I can strongly recommend a bike shed to keep it secure. The sheds are high quality, protective from being stolen and the rain, and are fairly affordable too. I don’t regret my purchase at all.

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  1. Check out this YardStash bike storage product – not sure if it’s super secure but looks pretty cool if someone is looking for a low cost, portable bike storage product.

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