Security Window Screens Offer Added Protection

Security window screens are a perfect choice for homeowners looking for extra protection against home intruders. Security screens allow fresh air to flow freely into the home but protect against invasion by an intruder. The extra protection is provided by the construction of the screen.

The mesh for this type home window screen is typically made from steel or heavy gauge aluminum that features a special coating. This design makes the screens more burglar resistant, meaning a burglar would find it very difficult to try and cut through the screen with a knife or other object. The mesh also holds up against problems such as rocks or other debris thrown against the screen.

This type window screen should be mounted permanently to the window frame in order to provide additional security. When mounted to the window frame, the security screen becomes very difficult to remove by an intruder who might try to pull the entire screen out to get into the window. This type mounting, however, should be latched and hinged on one side of the window. This will make for easy opening in case the homeowner needs to get out of the house because of a fire or other emergency.

Security screens also keep indoor pets in the house and wild animals out. They are a great choice for pet owners who are concerned about their animals pushing or scratching their way out of a screen window. They are also a fantastic choice for a country home or backwoods cabin because they will keep unwanted wildlife outdoors.

Special alarm security screens can also protect homeowners from intruders. In this type screen, wires are woven into the screen mesh causing an alarm to sound if someone tries to open or cut the window screen. People can purchase a window screen with a built in alarm from a security company.

Given the heavy duty screening and special coating, security window screens are usually a more expensive option than a typical window screen. But they do offer homeowners peace of mind.

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