Selecting The Right Bar Stools For Your Home

One of the fastest and most stylish ways to changing the look of your living space is to add bar stools or seating. Not only will a bar stool be able to add that unique look, it will also allow you to maximize the space that you have as well as show off your own personal style of course. With so many wonderful bar stool designs to choose from today, selecting the perfect one for your home can be a bit challenging. To this end you will find the simple tips below to be quite useful in making sure that you get what you’re looking for.

Measure for good measure: The rule of thumb to remember in buying a bar stool would be to measure the height of your countertop or seating area twice or thrice before you buy. Be reminded that bar stools will come in a variety of heights and accurate measurement will ensure that your guests or family members will not be sitting uncomfortably higher or lower. A good reference point to remember would be to leave 10-13 inches of space between the stool seat and the countertop or table. This will provide ample space for comfortable sitting, cross legging or swiveling.

  • Number of seats: How many stools do you need? Too many or too few will not be recommended so be conscious about the spacing from one stool to the next when there is already a person sitting on it. Also, remember that you will have to compensate for this factor depending on the stool that you are buying.
  • Think about your décor: What color is your food processor (if you’re planning on putting it in the kitchen)? What is the look that you’re going for? Questions like this will help determine the kind of stool that you will be buying so do consider them.
  • Selecting the right bar stools will definitely add that unique look that will surely impress guests and family members. Achieving such an effect is not impossible either. As long as you are willing to do the research and are patient enough, positive results will always be achieved.

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