Booking Self Catering In Edinburgh

Scotland’s beautiful capital city offers a wide choice of hotels and bed and breakfast inns, although self catering makes a practical and affordable alternative. Self catering in Edinburgh is a good choice, regardless of the time of year that you visit the city.

Self catering facilities offer all the comforts of home and are usually well furnished. One of the big advantages is that you can prepare your own meals, potentially saving money during your stay.

Many self catering apartments and houses are located within easy reach of Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile, traditionally the heart of the city’s Old Town. Regardless of where you stay, the city is compact and walkable and also boasts an excellent bus and train network.

Another unique thing about Edinburgh self catering is that many apartments are in buildings that are several centuries old and still have some of their original architectural features. The center of Edinburgh has a good selection of shops, restuarants and places to while away the night dancing or listening to music.

Regardless of the size of your family or party, you can find accommodation in Edinburgh to suit you. Many self catering apartments have one or two bedrooms, although some can sleep more guests and many have a sofa-bed or pull out bed in the living room.

As mentioned before, Edinburgh is a city that can easily be seen by walking, whether through the elegant Georgian streets of the New Town, or the narrow streets of the Old Town. The city is also easy to reach from anywhere in the UK, by road, rail and air and is about an hour’s flying time from London.

Although self catering allows you to cook your own meals, it would be a shame to vist Scotland and not sample some of the local cuisine. The country is famous for its whisky, porridge and haggis – a dish that perhaps tastes better than its ingredients, including the innards of a sheep, would suggest!

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