Self Pity and Weight Loss

“Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in the world.” Helen Keller

Our quote for the day comes from Helen Keller, the famous woman writer who was blind, deaf and mute during her lifetime but accomplished so much through the help of her teacher. She eventually learned how to read, write and communicate before she died. Until today, millions of people are inspired to read her life story that is full of obstacles that she was able to go through.

Her advice on self-pity as an enemy is a light bulb for people going through weight loss. Self-pity gets to overweight people every now and then. They feel singled out of a crowd because of their size and weight. People get annoyed on how big they are. Most often than not, people stare at their bodies and this can bring self-pity to someone obese. More or less, an overweight person is at war with the community, with the food choices he has and with himself. This can be prevented by joining a community of jennycraig support group. His other enemies are calories, cravings and a sedentary life.

With self-pity, persons tend to just go into a reclusive state, shying away from crowds, staying at home after work and staying away from social circles. This attitude doesn’t do the overweight’s much good. Instead of getting these people try out things that will get them to lose weight, they will just cry in the corner and believe that they were born to be fat. Worse is when the person feels that his being overweight is such a great thing that he boasts about it but deep inside, he hates his body.

Self-pity is a psychological condition. If it is not diagnosed early on, and treated by a professional, it can control ones emotional well-being so much so that a person can’t stop his self-pity condition even when he wants to stop it already. Fighting self-pity needs tools and the psychologist or the weight loss doctor/adviser will be of much help. I don’t care what kind of diet you go into, carb lovers diet, fat lovers diet, they all work to a certain extend or they won’t be published. The most important thing to take care is your attitude first and foremost.

Being aware that self-pity is an enemy makes it singled out away from the overweight person. Making self-pity an object of attack will make it easier to finally face it. When self-pity creeps in, just shout out “I can do it!” If a silent shout out doesn’t work, then say it out loud. Wear something that would remind you not to indulge in self-pity. Get close to people who can help you pull yourself out in that self-pity rut. Visit your gym or chat with your weight loss buddy. Go out for a walk or grab yourself a new pair of walking shoe. Enroll in a salad making class. If you haven’t tried yoga, enroll into one. Self-pity’s strategy is to get you all cooped up in your room feeling sorry for yourself. So the first thing to win the war against self-pity is not to find yourself sitting in that couch, tuned into all-nighter videos armed with a liter of ice cream.

Diet pills, patches and weight loss drinks are some of the ‘armaments’ you can employ to launch a weight loss attack against self-pity. It only takes a foot in to boost one’s morale to continue going through weight loss programs. And these diet pills can help you get that foot in. Once the weight gain stops, the bathroom scales will start to turn the other way. And you’re on your way to self-confidence.

Helen Keller became famous because she didn’t give up on her disabilities even if they were unrepairable. Obesity is totally reversible. It just starts with the right attitude.

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