Services Offered By Your Local Dentist

When you hear the word dentist, what usually comes to mind is someone who cleans the teeth and extracts them if there are cavities and are seriously damaged. This is basically what dentists do but it does not stop there. Your local dentist offers other services that you might not have known before.

As you most probably know, local dentists provide dental health services to the people of the community. They check the teeth and look for problems such as cavities, misaligned teeth, discoloration, bad breath, gingivitis, and other similar conditions, and give advice on treatments or procedures depending on your dental health.

Dentists also extract teeth. Usually, teeth that have decayed because of cavities or molars that have not fully erupted or are compressing other teeth are candidates for extraction. The local dentist decides whether it can be salvaged through other treatment procedures or if extraction is the only solution.

Another common service offered by a local dentist is fitting dental braces. Braces help correct any misalignment of the teeth. When you wear braces, you are advised to keep it on almost throughout the day for as long as 2 years. The dentist may adjust the braces according to the progress of the treatment.

Fitting dentures is another common service of a local dentist. Dentures are essentially artificial tooth. Since permanent teeth are not replaced anymore, individuals who have lost their teeth, such as the elderly, have to resort to artificial means. Dentures are removable and should also be cleaned regularly just like normal teeth. Dental implants are the non-removable artificial teeth. Metal posts are integrated with the jawbone and the artificial teeth are placed on top.

Dentists also offer cosmetic services to anyone who wishes to have a better smile. It includes bleaching and whitening of the teeth, bridging large gaps between teeth, application of dental veneers and generally improving the appearance of the teeth.

Larger dental clinics offer more services such as surgery. Check with your local dentist to see what are the dental services offered in your area.

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