Side Effects Of Lack Of Sleep

If you are lacking sleep, you tend to wake up more tired than you were before going to bed. A sound sleep provides the much needed energy and restores strength for carrying out the routine activities of the following day. But if you don’t get proper sleep, it creates problems in your daily life. Besides affecting your health, inadequate sleep affects all parts of your work and family life.

There are various side effects of lack of sleep. People with insufficient sleep tend to develop fatigue which affects the reasoning and decision making power. When you are tired, your efficiency to work tend to decrease which reduces your chances of getting promotion, earning level and further project works. The personnel department of the company observes your mood and tends to feel that you are spending more time on your personal pleasure compared to the career.

The effect on your overall health is another side effect of lack of sleep. This can lead to mental health, mental problems, slow healing from ailments, and your immune system tends to slow down. A low immune system is not effective in fighting against the diseases and you are likely to catch viruses and cold during the peak seasons. When you are sick, you remain absent from your work and have to spend more time and money on doctor visits and medication. If you find difficulty in getting sound sleep, then it is time to meet your family doctor and get the problem resolved.

Lack of sleep is a sign of a number of problems. Emergency personnel, returning soldiers and other stressful jobs develop problems of mental health which can cause sleeping problems. Medication and counseling is a good way to cope up with these problems in most of the cases. Sleeping offers the most important benefit to human body as well as mind and hence it is necessary to improve sleep and live a better healthier life.

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