SIDS Essentials

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS had been the most dreaded cause of death for infants from one month old onwards. The most ironic part is that, there is no scientific reason for the occurrence of SIDS. It just happens suddenly when in fact the baby is well a few minutes before the occurrence. Until now, most mothers and mothers to be are in a great battle for SIDS. This usually occurs between 2 to 3 months of age and is less than one year of age.

Before the death of in infant, they are usually suffering from apparent life threatening events (ALTE) which consist of; irregularities of breathing, change in color and change in muscle tone as well. Although there is no known cause for SIDS, doctors have been trying to find out at least what the risk factors are for SIDS.

Autopsy of infants who died of SIDS show that most of them have elevated levels of nicotine and cotinine which is a result for second hand smoking and so pregnant mothers who are into smoking are passing this on to their babies making them high risks for sudden infant death syndrome.

If you are a smoker and you happen to be pregnant, you better think twice because babies born from mothers who smoke a lot will cause the babies airways to become smaller or they tend to constrict that is one of the reasons why SIDS will manifest as difficulty of breathing and of course if there are any risks of respiratory infection for infants, there is a greater tendency for them to suffer from SIDS.

It was also noted that males are more prone to have the condition than females and until now research is still being performed to really get the root cause of SIDS. Knowing of the risk factor though is really a great help to avoid this to happen to our babies.

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