Sierra 3500HD – A Full Review

For over twenty years, the Sierra series has reigned supreme as the most successful pickup sold by GMC. All trucks made by GMC are famous for their good quality materials and their ability to traverse on any road condition with ease. This truck has several strong points, including a great frame, very powerful engines, and a dual axle on the rear wheel to provide extra towing capability. There are several engines that drivers can choose from, depending on how much money they have to spend and how much money they have available.

Unfortunately, the 3500HD Sierra also has a few weakspots when it comes to design. In the interior, a few components are made from low quality plastics, giving the cabin a bit of a cheap appearance, but it is still impressive when compared to the previous version. However, there are several competing truck models that offer much better cabins for both the drivers and the passengers. Thankfully though, the Sierra has many other strong points for the exterior design and performance that can rival some 7 seater cars.

You can buy the GMC with several cabin design options. All of the trucks have 4WD capability, although you can choose between many different levels of trim. The standard trim is enough if you only need to use the truck for towing and carrying heavy loads. However, if you are going to be transporting people regularly with this car, then you may want to choose one of the premium trim levels and combine in with cheap mud tires and 4WD.

This truck is widely regarded as one of the top pick-up trucks available. Although the price is quite expensive compared to Japanese models, its performance and aggressive exterior is very hard to beat with any other brand. If you have a larger budget, consider getting the premium version so you can get the full experience out of this vehicle.

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