Infidelity – Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

We all hope that one day we find true love like we do in so many movies we watch, or books we read. That cliche long walk in the beach, disney like happily ever after stories, fidelity. This may be true for the early parts of a relationship, but after couples get married many often grow tired of each other. No more happy spouse greeting you when you come home, no more surprises from your husband. Be careful, these are some signs that could indicate your spouse is seeking emotional, or physical intimacy elsewhere. Could you have infidelity problems? Well, you may ask what are the signs of a cheating spouse? Here are some of the most common ones.

Simple everyday trips, usually considered as menial chores, are happily taken by your spouse. Such as grocery shopping. You’ll notice your suspected cheating spouse will spend more time grocery shopping than is actually needed. Has your spouse done this, and even not return with anything saying that they forgot the list, or just went out window shopping? A common thing observable from cheaters.

Some couples choose to not wear wedding rings or wedding bands, so this may not apply to all, but if you recently caught your spouse without their wedding band and then catch them again later that day with it back on, they may be trying to meet other people. Something as simple as this lets others know whether they are available or not. Removing their ring symbolizes their willingness to entertain other people’s advances.

Also take note when your spouse starts making unnecessary purchases all of a sudden, such as new clothing, or new accessories to boost their confidence. It’s common for cheating spouses to also buy gym memberships, and other things that will help them look better. Although not all spouses who join gyms or health clubs are using their memberships, but rather using it as an excuse to leave the house and meet up with their new cheating partners.

When you have observe these signs, or similar, try not to over react and start a yelling game with them. Instead wisely gather evidence before you confront them. Confronting them without proof will just be a waste of time and you will make them a better cheater by giving them “another chance”. For more signs of cheating, follow the link above.

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