There Is A Silver Charm For Everyone

No matter what your interests are you can find charms and charm bracelets to match them. Silver charms are a traditional choice and have been very popular for many years. Silver is very durable and is easy to take care of. All you need is a soft cloth and a high quality cleaner. Wash any debris off of your silver first and then follow the instructions on the silver cleaner for application and cleaning. Next polish your silver with a special cloth that helps to prevent tarnish and it will be shiny and lustrous. Silver will last indefinitely with the proper care.

Sterling silver is the highest grade available for jewelry. To be considered sterling it must contain at least 92.5% silver and is stamped somewhere on the piece with the numbers 925. The United States requires jewelry to be at least 90% pure silver to be legally called a silver piece. Many pieces of silver jewelry are plated with .999 fine silver to give it its much sought after shine. You can also find silver plated jewelry that is electro statically plated with pure silver over copper or other metals. A base metal is placed in a silver solution and electricity is applied to the piece which attracts the silver molecules in the solution. This type of jewelry is attractive and gives you the look of silver at a much lower price. You must be careful with sliver plated jewelry since constant wear and exposure to moisture and certain chemicals will wear off the silver eventually.

Since silver is such a malleable metal to work with it can be formed into almost any shape or design. This is one reason that silver charms are so plentiful and affordable. You can choose from all silver or include charms that have stones set into them for an extra brilliance and shine. If you are a dog or cat lover, a bracelet of the various breeds of the animals is a very lovely accessory. Mark the passing of the school years with a gift of charms that your child can collect as they grow up and they will have a beautiful reminder of that time in their lives. Charm choices are almost endless and you can find the ones you want to collect very easily.

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