14K Earrings – The Best Budget Jewelry Option

Gold is a valuable metal, and the cost of gold is rising every moment. Gold is so expensive because it is routinely used to accentuate the human and to add glamour during special occasions like weddings, etc. Many individuals wear gold on an everyday basis too.

The cost of the gold jewelry depends on the make, shape and more importantly the purity of the gold used. Though gold is widely used, not everyone has the budgets to buy very expensive gold jewelry. For people looking to buy gold jewelry on a budget, 14k jewelry – the k stands for karat – the term used to denote the purity of the gold – is available.

14k jewelry is an economical substitute to the more expensive karat of gold purity that is available. It is a step up from something like silver hoop earrings, but cheaper than 18k gold. The difference in look and style between 14k earrings and the other amounts of purities of gold jewelry available is quite minimal.

With 14k jewelry being cheaper than the other types of jewelry, the buyer can buy more jewelry, and can also buy sets of jewelry which they can use to mix and match with their attires. Mostly, 14k earrings are part of an entire set, consisting of a necklace, earrings and bangles. Therefore, buyers can buy all these three objects and mix and match between and with them.

14k earrings and jewelry also works out well because this kind of jewelry is far lighter than the more pure jewelry and therefore is easy to wear and move around with.  Therefore, 14k earrings and jewelry also turns out to be quite safe when it comes to moving around wearing jewelry. Because of this and the relative cheapness of the metal, 14k gold is often used in children’s earrings.

There is a vast amount of designs that are available for 14k earrings and 14k jewelry. The best way to find out the various designs is to look over the Internet for websites that provide gold and other precious metals jewelry.

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