Knowing When To Use A Single Outlet Surge Protector

A single outlet surge protector is made to protect only one appliance. It is not designed to work with multiple appliances. A single socket surge protector will not work well, say for a computer that has peripherals, all needing power from one outlet. A single outlet device is optimal where only one appliance, such as a refrigerator will be plugged in and where other appliances won’t be drawing from a single power source.

You may have noticed that many large appliances have plugs that cover the entire outlet, thus preventing use of the other socket. A single outlet surge protector is an excellent device to use with large appliances. Just insert the piece of equipment into the protective device, then insert the surge protector into the wall socket. The appliance can be placed where ever you desire. Please keep in mind that for this to work properly, you need to have a surge protective device equipped with an off switch.

Some surge protectors appear to be better than others, but they all essentially offer the same thing. You can compare by looking at the amount of surge suppression being presented. The best surge protectors have meters that let you know if the device is unresponsive or if it is past it’s protection capability. Many surge protectors have a LED light that inform you if the device is working to it’s best level. Other surge protectors, such as the Tripp Lite brand have an alarm to let you know when to unplug and replace it!

Many appliances, such as a LCD TV require single outlet surge protectors that can manage more severe upsurges. The Better surge protectors offer greater joule defense and can absorb many surges before they need to be replaced. The best single outlet surge protectors supply a 5-year replacement warranty if a surge ruins your electronic equipment. Of course these protectors come with a higher price tag, but this might be well worth it, considering what it would cost to replace any of your large electrical appliances.

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