Snoring and Heart Disease Connected?

Snoring has been a common problem in some households and some relationships have been shattered because of the disturbance snoring can cause. Recent medical research however, has shown a strong link between heart disease and strokes, with loud snoring.
Millions of people snore in their sleep and their partners suffer in turn. Hungarian scientists interviewed and tested 12,000 patients. The results have lead to conclusion that heavy snorers were more prone to having a heart attack and stroke, compared to people who don’t snore when sleeping. Scientists and doctors have been eyeing the link between heart attack and snoring and the data obtained from the tests have proven the strong relationship between snoring and serious cardiovascular disease.
We all snore at some times hough, snoring is more common to those who are overweight because of the fact that obesity is a main cause for constriction of the airways. 40% adult males and about 24% adult females were regular snorers.
12,000 patients were interviewed and underwent various tests related on their snoring problems. Most people tend to snore when hitting the sack after a day of exhaustion however, loud snorers were 34% more likely to suffer from heart attack and 67% were more likely to suffer from stroke.
The tests were made in such a way that the possibility of heart disease and strokes were identified based on the breathing pauses and how loud the snoring was.
Results have shown people who barely snore have little or no risk of suffering from serious heart or cardiovascular disease and stroke.
The good news is, those who snore in their sleep can undergo therapy to remove such problems. And with snoring, at least cardiovascular disease can be determined at an early stage and possible treatments can be done immediately.
Another good news. When men reach an age past 70, their snoring problems decline.

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