Enjoy A Cord Free Invasion With Solar String Lights

You can do so many creative things with string of solar patio lights.  Those big trees that you needed four extension cords to reach are accessible with these neat little lights and no extension cords.  You can wind them around the tree or scatter them throughout the leaves. If there is a shady spot a small panel can be located in a sunny location bringing the energy to the string lights.  These lights can be placed in any location – wound around the railing on the deck, trailing up the steps, over the trellis arches in your garden, subtly placed in the rose bushes or around the umbrella on your picnic table.  Accessible and functional, they are impressive and add a sparkle to the outdoors.

The styles are neat, colors vary and will blend in with whatever scheme you have.  Somewhat like Christmas strings, solar string patio lights come in different shapes and sizes. For instance you can get a set that look like miniature birdhouses, or a string of bright red or green bulbs or any color that takes your fancy or fits with your mood.  You can place them so during the day they are out of site, then at night the area comes alive with sparkling little lights.  For a more sophisticated environment, or more subtle mood, white lights are always calming and can be attractive at any time of the year.  You can then add or change to colorful lights for parties, special occasions or seasonal festivities.  An advantage to solar string lights is the maneuverability; they can be located anywhere and moved at any time without the hassle of extension cords and plug-ins.

Solar string lights can change the scene from dull to inviting, cold to welcoming and warm. They can make a big difference in the landscape and spruce up your garden space and deck. You can have many or just a few spread randomly or regimentally lined up along the driveway.  Though not bright, they are still very functional in that they show the way. They add ambiance to a romantic evening, a meal with friends on the deck, or just a peaceful atmosphere for the end of the day mood.  You can find these little mood enhancing gems at your local hardware store or online.

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