The Sony Cybershot TX10 – Small And Powerful

Sony has designed an underwater digital camera that is both tough and extraordinarily beautiful, the Sony Cybershot-DSC-TX10.  The camera boasts 16.2 megapixels and waterproof up to 5 meters.  Oftentimes you would expect a camera of such ruggedness to be a lot bulkier but this is not the case with the Sony TX10.

The large controls on the camera allow for easy maneuvering even if you’re using gloves.  It’s available in 5 stylish colors that resemble a stylish business card holder than a obvious photographic gadget.  The Sony Cybershot is also touch screen, which means that you can easily select a shooting mode on your screen rather than fiddling with cumbersome dials.

The video record button sits on the upper side of the back plate and shoots full HD1080P video.  Also, you can use the optical zoom feature while in the midst of recording your videos.  The TX10 is the only camera of its type to offer a still 3D still image mode, which allows the camera to shoot two consecutive pictures and stitch them together for an awesome 3D effect.

The TX10 can be used just for a point and shoot camera is that’s what you’re after or your much more active you can take advantage of the 10 frames per second continuous shooting.

The TX10 is a top of the line underwater digital camera and based on its high performance, compact design and superior video quality the price is warranted.  The Exmor R sensor allows the Sony TX10 to capture colorful and bright images largely grain free.

Prior owners of the Sony Cybershot TX line will love the new slimmer model along with its large 3-inch touch LCD screen.  Don’t allow the smallness of this camera’s size fool you into believing that the picture quality will be compromised because that certainly is not the case.

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