What Is Stained Glass Window Film?

Stained glass window film is basically a film that goes over a window that makes it look like stained glass.  I will not lie, it does not look exactly like the real thing but the price is a ton less and the results are very close.  This film is very useful when you want to keep your privacy but still want to sun to shine in and brighten things up.  Sometimes custom blinds can be expensive and they block out the sun.  In order for you to let the sun in, you have to open the blinds which basically takes away the whole privacy issue.

This film is not just for front door and entry areas anymore.  It can be used on every single glass surface in the house.  You can use an inexpensive piece of film to liven up an old curio cabinet with a glass front.  I have a wonderful, but a little but boring, black cupboard in my kitchen.  I got creative with a few pieces of stained glass film that I got from Delphi Glass for a very reasonable price.  I did not cover the entire front, I just covered about half of the window to give it some color.  The good news is that when I get bored with the color or I want to update it, I can easily peel it off and change it without spending a ton of time or money on the new glass.  Putting on the stained glass film was super easy.  I just had to make sure the glass was extra clean and that I rolled the film on very carefully so there would not be any bubbles.  Once I did that, the job was done.  I know for many people when you think of this you think of an old grandma house but it’s not outdated anymore.  I encourage you to explore it and use it all over your house!

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