Stairway Rugs

Now that you have decided to redecorate your home have you considered what type of stairway rugs you will be using? Stairway rugs do a great deal more than simply make your staircase look more attractive. Ideally when you choose them they will also be for safety, comfort and good protection for your flooring. Choosing the best rugs can be easy though if you follow a few simple rules.

First of all, any rugs chosen for the staircase should have an adhesive backing so that the entire rug, especially the edges, is firmly anchored to the floor. A loose edge can trip someone and send them into a dangerous fall.

Find stair rugs that will not only protect your floor and are safe but also are comfortable to walk on. If you live in cold climates however a wool rug will give you a heavily padded walking surface that holds heat and keeps your feet warm.

Make sure the style of the rug matches the rest of the d├ęcor in the area. If you are using cotton or silk rugs leading up to the stair for instance, using wool rugs on the staircase will be an unpleasant contrast.

Fortunately there are many styles, many materials and many price ranges for these rugs today. The best place to find them is at either your local carpet outlet or your local home improvement store. Both of these businesses have experts in the field and these people can direct you the best rugs for your particular needs. The internet is also a great place to look for bargains on these rugs and since they are fairly light most companies offer free domestic shipping so you can shop without leaving your own home. This can save you both shopping time and money because internet stores generally have at least somewhat lower prices.

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