How to Start a Pressure Washing Business

A Honda GX160 5.5 HP. pressure washer in action.
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With more and more people wanting to go into business for themselves, the idea of creating a service-based business is popular. Ideal for working in a local community, starting a pressure washing business allows small business owners to work cleaning neighborhood houses, apartment complexes, businesses and public access areas. Because this is an outdoor business and operators will get wet, it is not for everyone. Likewise, if working in an area where snowfall or rain is frequent and would inhibit the activity of your business, it may be wise to consider the lack of available work during the cold and rainy seasons before purchasing business equipment.

Once you have decided to start a pressure washing business, there is equipment and marketing materials to buy. The biggest investment will be the pressure washer, hoses, cleaning solution and water-sweeping brooms. Taking into consideration the overall costs, there will need to be maintenance performed on the pressure washer, possible repair costs and the replacement costs of pressure washer detergents.

Money needed to purchase marketing materials will not be as expensive as the pressure washing equipment however, it is still an investment. While not inclusive, there will need to be magnetic vehicle signs, brochures, a website with your companys information and services, and promotional lawn signs. Since these will get distributed, become weathered and destroyed, and could get lost again, replacement costs will need to be considered.

To gain first clients, people wishing to start a pressure washing business should look within their own neighborhoods. Placing an ad within your neighborhoods association, mentioning your venture at a HOA meeting or reserving a place in the church bulletin will help acquire first customers. After that, if successful, positive word-of-mouth can help increase your business tenfold. Always remember to thank your old customers while welcoming new ones, as they too, may use your services again in the future.

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