Why Have Static Caravans Become So Popular?

Static caravans always used to be the place to be back in the 70s. This was partly because of the cheap option of a holiday destination and also because you only had to pay a one off payment even if you were taking more than a handful of people. Holidays to static caravans started to drop in popularity after this period; due to an unfortunate wave of ‘bad press’. To put it bluntly, static caravan holidays became the Skoda of the 70s and early eighties and this reputation stuck with it for a fair few years.

This reputation was sad and extremely harmful to the travel industry, as they had been extremely successful and it was important for everyone to re-connect with what they once loved about the static caravan. Today, the popularity of these types of holidays has boomed once again, as the owners have decorated the caravans out from top to toe with all the mod cons that you would expect to find in your own home – making it more like a hotel stay rather than the old-school style basic shell.

A static caravan holiday can be great for all the family; not only the fact that you can get a great holiday on a shoe-string; it is a great choice for the elderly, kids and even your family pets! Caravan sites are situated across the height and breadth of the UK, so you will be sure to find the perfect holiday destination for you. England and its surrounding countries are beautiful and if you wanted to choose a fresh, active holiday then Scotland may be the choice for you. Guernsey is also becoming a particularly popular place to visit, and you may find that the Channel Islands do bring with them a bit of a heavy price tag when it comes to holidays. A Guernsey static caravan is a great option in this case as you will not only have the luxury of keeping within budget, but you should have some extra left over for trips as well!

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