Straight Talk Phones For Sale Online

Straight Talk has come out with many incredible cell phones for their prepaid cell phone services. Many of these phones have great features and customizable options, but the greatest thing about all these wonderful Straight Talk phones is their price. Straight Talk has put out some of the most inexpensive phones on the market with all the same technology as many of the leading brands in the prepaid cell phone market as well as the regular cell phone service market. With these unbeatable prices, all these Straight Talk phones are such a great deal that you simply can’t beat!

The Straight Talk LG 220C is complete with mobile web services (which are part of a very inexpensive monthly unlimited service plan!), voicemail and call waiting, external caller ID, ringtones, graphics and games to download, Bluetooth capabilities and a hands-free speaker. The LG 220C also has hearing aid compatibility up to an mp3 rating for the hearing impaired. This is an incredible feature, especially for such an inexpensive phone! The LG 220C also has some great looking features. It has an incredibly stylish flip phone design and a large color screen.  There are also some new Straight Talk smart phones to be released, which is always a fun thing for a prepaid plan.  Smartphones and prepaid plans generally haven’t gone together in years past, but that is all changing now.

The Straight Talk LG 900G is definitely one of the more advanced technology phones Straight Talk offers. Complete with some incredible features, options and battery life, this phone is one of Straight Talk’s greatest phones. The Straight Talk LG 900G phone features a non-sliding full QWERTY keyboard, meaning no more worrying about turning your phone all around and trying to slide it open for optimal, convenient text messaging. The Straight Talk LG 900G also has many other incredible features. You simply can’t go wrong with these great phones and features from Straight Talk!  This does not mean that there is no competition you should check out.  I always recommend that people look at all the deals out there before they purchase.  But Straight Talk does have some very good deals.  Also, have a look at MetroPCS, TracFone, and Virgin Mobile for competitive prepaid phone prices.

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