Types And Styles Of Curtain Rods

Curtain rods are an essential when you own your own home unless of course you have no curtains or simply do not like them. That being said, since they are essential, why not have fun with them? The most popular type of curtain rod is the plain black metal curtain rod. This is functional, simple, cheap, and can be dressed up with decorative ends to match the décor of your home.

Another type of curtain rod are curtain poles. These are somewhat more decorative and ornate than traditional rods and as such are generally a bit more expensive. These can also be a bit bulkier than traditional curtain rods and as such should be reserved for larger rooms that can handle that sort of design aesthetic. With curtain poles you generally need to have curtains that have large or tab tops so that the pole will fit through them without being so snug that the curtains cannot be pulled back.

Yet another type is a double curtain rod. This is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than having one rod that holds the curtains there are two, one to hold the curtains and another to either hold a sheer or to serve as decoration. You can also hold another color of curtain on the second rod to create a more dramatic design effect. This is generally also better in larger rooms unless of course you are using light color curtains which make the room seem larger.

With any of these types of curtain rods it is important to make sure that they are hung properly. If you decide to hang your own curtain rods be sure to measure precisely so that your curtains do not drag the floor and so that they are not too short either. You also want to make sure that they are hung securely so that your curtains will not come crashing down after you’ve worked so hard to hang them.

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