Sub-Zero Preservation: The Science Of Refrigeration

Technical perfection in refrigeration, long lasting durability, proven service and convenience and a visual appeal that never wavers – these are just some of the highlights that you can discover if you opt to choose Sub-Zero Preservation as your brand for a refrigerator. Whatever configuration it may be – undercounter, integrated, refrigerator drawer or a glass door freezer fridge – Sub-Zero Preservation is tailored to meet your needs and demands in storing your food and preserving your wine.


If not for the brand’s style and ergonomic design, Sub-Zero is more highly distinguished for their own concept for the science of refrigeration. Consider this fact – Sub-Zero Preservation is the pioneer of the dual preservation technology. Also called as dual refrigeration system, this innovation can make your food fresher than ever before and your wine better in taste. It’s so called because the refrigerator has two compressors – one for the refrigerator and another for the freezer compartment – which means that you can store food in the right temperature setting, optimizing efficiency in food preservation.

With features such as water filtration system, ice maker, and air purification system, this brand will not leave you any apprehensions to the safety features of your refrigerator. With storage features such as deli drawers, glass door freezer compartments, humidity-controlled crispers, spill-proof glass shelves etc ensure that proper food placement is possible. Other features such as door alarm, temperature digital readouts, auto close system, and water filter contribute to the overall quality for the refrigerator’s science of food storage and preservation.

Most of the Sub-Zero models are Energy Star compliant and Star-K certified as well – a testament that the brand is designed to let you save energy and money. Sub Zero parts and design options are easily accessible. If all of the above aforementioned features are to be expected in a refrigerator, then there’s really nothing to be surprised about if more and more people are rediscovering the Sub-Zero Preservation brand.

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