Subway Coupons – I Actually Worked At Subway

I have had several crummy jobs in my life, each of which were made a little easier to stomach knowing that I could use free Subway coupons during my lunch break to save money.  The first bad job that I had was mopping the floor at an animal shelter in a rather seedy part of town.  Directly attached to this animal shelter was a small Subway restaurant which all the local people seemed to eat at everyday for lunch.  I was the smart one and learned that by using Subway coupons I could essentially save more money than anyone else.

The next crummy job was DJ at an old folks home.  You’d think this would be a fun job, but you’d be very wrong.  I was forced to play records from the big band era of American music.  I tried to slip in a Beatles song here and there but each time I received dirty looks from the elderly.  The nice thing about this assisted living facility was the fact that Subway would deliver hundreds of subs everyday for lunch.  They would also let me use coupons that I received in the mail or online anytime I wanted.  I secretly laughed to myself as I watched all the smelly old people pay full price for their lunches while I would get free chips or even a free large beverage.

The third bad job I had was when I actually worked at Subway as a sandwich artist for a summer.  I figured since I worked there they would give me some special discounts on their food.  I was dearly wrong and quickly found that I was far too educated to work on the sandwich assembly line having graduated from the third grade.  I was back to using my own Subway coupon each time I ate there and wanted to save money.

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