Spend The Summer At Koh Chang Island

Summer is the most fun season that every travelers and tourists long for.One thing that comes in our mind is white sand beaches, night beach parties and tanning under the sun. Well, if you always go to Hawaii and want to look for another summer vacation maybe you are in front of your computer now googling for some potential places. Do not worry now because Koh Chang Island is the place you are looking for. This island is located in Trait, Thailand and been gaining its popularity now for 5 years. This island has been newly exploited but there are other places that has not yet. But the beaches and activities are very superb.

Koh Chang Island is the best hide away for the whole summer. Start soaking your skin with there white sand beaches and enjoy other beautiful scenery around the area. The place is totally bless not only with their beautiful beaches but also amazing sparkling waterfalls, night picnics with fireflies on mangrove tress and visiting historic places on some villages. There are a lot you can do and fun activities too like having a tattoo, hair braids, seeing some elephant tricks or diving for marine life. You will enjoy every minute of your summer and come home with a more well relax aura. What was really relaxing on the place is the white sand beaches.

Want to have find on their beaches? You might as well go to White Sand Beach Koh Chang Resort and Hotel. This is the most famous and longest beach in Koh Chang. Stretching for two kilometers and is one of the busiest area of the place. The beach is a place place to soak all your stresses away and meet new friends from tourists. The beach has a gentle slope into the sea that is very wide during low tide. With this, an ideal playground for night parties for everyone to enjoy the vacation.

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