Surgical Techs and Their Responsibilities on a Daily Basis

Being able to work under incredible amounts of pressure is something that is very challenging and difficult to accomplish but can help an individual earn an impressive surgical tech salary. Working with outstanding speed, amazing accuracy and complete concentration is an absolute must if a person has plans to excel in this profession because there is no room for mistakes when performing duties and responsibilities inside of an operating room changing and saving patient’s lives on a regular basis. However, before an individual can become eligible for employment, they must go through formal programs that can last anywhere from nine months to two years and be found at hospitals, vocational institutions, universities, community or junior colleges as well as through the military. While it is possible that a person can have great success and make a great surgical tech salary through just nine months of schooling, those that take advantage of the entire twenty four months will have much more knowledge going into the profession and looking for employment which opens up more opportunities and higher income potential.

Professionals with surgical technician jobs have their obligations and responsibilities split up into three phases to create patient and surgical care management. The first phase, preoperative case management involves many different duties including gathering the required tools and helping the surgical team into the operating room. The second phase, intraoperative case management gives surgical techs tasks such as setting up trays, preparing medication, aiding with suturing and retraction of tissues, assisting with dressings and handing instruments to attending surgeons. The final phase, postoperative case management holds professionals responsible for caring for and maintaining equipment, organizing the operating room and removing all used instruments. All in all, those who are dedicated and determined to succeed in this profession have an outstanding surgical technologist career ahead that can be very gratifying and rewarding.

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