Syma Radio Control Helicopters – The Best Black Friday Buy I Ever Made

Last year I was searching around my favourite online sites for great deals on a brand new high definition television during the black Friday sales. I managed to get not only an absolutely stunning deal on a brand new plasma television I also happened to make a little impulse buy and I am so glad I did.

While looking for televisions I came across a Black Friday Sale for Syma S107  Radio Helicopters and it was so cheap that I picked it up thinking that it would be a fun little distraction to play till my brand new television got delivered as it was back ordered. What that little helicopter turned out to be was hours of fun and more than six months later I am still playing with it and I have even bought a few for friends.

Not only is this little helicopter dirt cheap it is also one of the few toys these days that is not meant to be played with for a few days and then thrown away. It has some of the best construction that I have seen lately on a toy of any price leave alone one that costs less than a fifty. When I finally did break my little helicopter a month back after flying it a full speed into a wall I though that was the end of that and I instantly got online to order myself  a new one. I immediately realised that there was literally every part for the helicopter available as a replacement and it tool just a few minutes to find a Syma s107 main blade set in red and have it shipped to me. I got the part and changed the blades on my little helicopter within a few minutes and I was soon whizzing the little thing around the house again. This definitely has to be the best impulse buy I have ever made hands down.

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