Duffle Bag – Survival Readiness


As part of my bug out bag preparations, I have a large duffle bag at the ready. Within this survival duffle bag, I have an expanded survival kit which is meant to supplement my bug out bag if the situation allows for me to take it along in my vehicle. While my bug out bag has enough supplies for me to last about a week away from home, this large, canvas duffle bag has the possibility of sustaining me for another one to two weeks with a more diverse amount of survival gear. Lets take a look at what my survival duffle holds:

Camo Military Field Gear Duffle Bag Backpack

Leapers UTG Ranger Field Bag (Army Digital) – Amazon $40 (click here or picture above)

  • 15 MRE entrees (Buy here)
  • 8 3600 Calorie Datrex high energy food bars (Buy here)
  • 20 assorted powerbar gels (Buy here)
  • Katadyn Hiker Pro water filter (Buy here)
  • 4 Liters water (Buy nalgene bottles here)
  • Ka-Bar survival knife (Buy here)
  • Expanded first-aid kit (Buy here)
  • 3 each of: Under Armor calf length socks, underwear, base layer shirts and pants (Buy Socks here)
  • Olive drab wool sweater and beanie cap (Buy here)
  • leather gloves (Buy here)
  • fishing kit (Buy here)
  • snare kit
  • firestarting kit
  • Kel-Tec SU-22 folding rifle, with 2000 rounds of CCI mini mags, 500 rounds CCI shotshell #12 shot
  • Bushnell Binoculars (buy here)
  • 100 rounds 9mm Hollowpoints

This survival duffle is still a work in progress, and I need to tweak the gear involved. However, this bag has greatly expanded options from my bug out bag. The bag itself is a beast. It is absolutely huge. Go to amazon.com now and buy one or five. Similar bags from Blackhawk or 5.11 could cost you upwards of $200. The duffle bag is waterproof, fully padded, has multiple pockets and the carry straps are reinforced. It is also nicely done in Army Digital camo, with other color options available as well. The only thing lacking on this bag is the addition of some wheels to haul around all the gear that can be loaded into it!

This is just an example of what your ready to go vehicle survival duffle bag could be. You could similarly use a canvas duffle bag, or you could use a wheeled duffle bag if you anticipate carrying heavy guns and ammo. Rolling duffle bags are nice, but I think that survival bags should be a little lighter than those requiring wheels. This is especially true if you don’t have access to a vehicle in your survival situation. However you see it, supplement your bug out bag with a good survival duffle bag.