Adult Acne Care Tips

Acne can be suffered at some point in an adult’s life regardless of gender. About one-fourth of the male and half of the female population often suffer because of acne. This skin condition usually affects the face while there are also times when it appears on an adult’s back; chest acne is fairly common as well. Acne develops due to the bacteria which breed and grow on oily skin. It can also be experienced by people who are stressed or having hormonal issues. Stress and hormonal imbalances trigger the increase of oil production on skin where bacteria can grow and cause acne development. Here are a few tips you can care for your skin against acne.

Since pimples are difficult to hide many people will try to prick or pop them which is actually not advisable. Doing this will cause scars on your face and trigger the spreading of acne. A better thing to do is to clean the area of the pimple with gentle antibacterial soaps. Then, puncture the pimple head with a sterilized needle. Prepare a cotton ball moistened with warm water and gently press it over the pimple head to absorb the pus.

Acne can also be controlled by washing your face with antibacterial soap two or more times every day. Wait for two minutes or so before rinsing the soap. Pat your face gently when drying and then apply oil-free moisturizers. For severe acne, you may use Benzoyl peroxide to prevent bacteria growth.

Drinking plenty of water is another essential tool in controlling and preventing acne. It has many benefits for the skin such as keeping your pores clean. It is also a great way to flush toxins off the body. As you know, toxins can be released through your skin which triggers excess oil production where bacteria can easily multiply. Prevent this from happening by drinking up to 10 glasses of water every day.

Finally, an adult acne care program can be sought to permanently prevent acne from worsening or coming back. Acne will disappear more quickly if you maintain a healthy regimen and skin care. Further, it would also help if you seek the help of healthcare professionals especially for severe acne cases.