Don’t Forget The Baby Bling

Got a really special occasion coming up?  Maybe a wedding, your grandparents’ 50th anniversary, or a Christmas party?  Are you looking to dress up the whole family?  What fun!  While you’re at it, don’t forget to bling up the baby!

Just go out shopping or get online and see the supply of baby bling.  It’s amazing.  I wish they had had this stuff when my daughter was a baby.  I was lucky to find anything fancier than black patent leather shoes and a ribbon for her hair.  And that was really sad because she had the cutest, little tiny feet and a head full of black hair.

Take a look.  You’ll find all kinds of bling for your baby’s hair.  There are barrettes made for any amount of hair your baby might have, and just as fancy as you like.  There are headbands, clips and other accessories with bows, flowers, jewels, just about anything you can imagine.

Then, there is baby jewelry.  You can deck out your little doll with a ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings.  Absolutely adorable little stuff.

And don’t forget one of my personal favorites – the jeweled pacifier.  The most perfect little piece of bling yet to be designed.  They come in a variety of colors with different designs.  The jewels are safely set in so they can’t come off in their little fingers.  And there are jeweled pacifier clips as well.

Another favorite is the jeweled shoes.  They are available with the little jewels set in the entire sole (which is the part we see the most on a tiny baby), and across the toe on the infant tennis shoes.

And if your bling fling isn’t satisfied yet, you can find baby clothes with all kinds of sparkle and fluff.  You can even find jeweled combs, brushes, spoons, and other baby stuff, just as sparkly and glittery as you like it.

So get the whole family ready for the party and don’t forget the baby bling!

How To Clean Your Baby’s Bathtub Toys

It is important that your baby’s bath toys stay clean. Although they can be quite enjoyable for babies, they can also make them sick if you are not careful. Some baby bath toys can be breeding grounds for bacteria, mildew and germs. Your baby can in turn put the toy in their mouth, which may lead to illness or allergies. You can minimize the likelihood of this by regularly cleaning your toys. But what’s the best way to clean your toys you ask? Well here are some tips and strategies on how you can do that.

Air drying toys is the most common way of cleaning baby bath toys. It is best to air dry your toys after every bath. It’s best not to leave them in the bathroom to air dry because the humidity from the showers that you or other people in your household may take will prevent the toys from drying fully.

You should wash your toys with soap and water at least once a week. This is to get rid of all the germs that might not be killed by an air dry alone. If you make sure to do this regularly, the toys will be a lot easier to clean as dirt and grime won’t be built up as much.

Scrubbing the toys with kosher salt and a toothbrush is also a viable alternative. Kosher salt is used to clean glass fish tanks. The salt kills mold and algae, which are the exact things we are looking to kill. If you’re concerned about it being toxic, don’t be. It doesn’t have any additives so it is completely safe.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how to clean your bath toys. There’s nothing like watching your baby sit in their baby bath seat as they enjoy their toys. Now you can do your part to make sure that these same toys won’t place your baby in danger.

The Evolution Of Glass Bottles For Babies

Glass bottles have been around longer than the more popular plastic baby bottles that you see everywhere these days. Glass baby feeding bottles have been around longer than a hundred years and they have served parents admirably until the lighter, cheaper, and more convenient plastic baby bottles came into existence.

Baby bottles have been used by humans since ancient times, making them out of horn, leather, and even wood. Ceramic was one of the most popular until the mid 1800’s when the glass baby bottle and the rubber teat were patented and introduced to the public. Early glass bottles were shaped like gourds that had rubber or glass tubes and stoppers attached. They were quite popular because they allowed the young child to feed without supervision. The downside was that they were incredibly difficult to clean. In fact, many of the health concerns with babies at the time were caused by these feeding bottles.

At the moment, glass bottles again seem to be making a comeback, though nothing like the wild popularity they enjoyed in the late 19th and early 20th century. The concern at present is that plastic bottles might have compounds that are dangerous to the human health, a child’s in particular.

Plastic bottles are still more efficient to many parents due to the lightweight material and the cheaper costs. Also, there are more and more innovative manufacturing processes that are taking the risk and danger out of them, as well as making them stronger and more durable, which means that plastic is still the most used material for baby bottles out there, glass and stainless steel taking the back seat. There are a number of benefits for the glass baby bottle as well though and parents who want to be entirely sure that their baby bottles are safe are numerous.

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An Extra Wide Baby Gate Has An Important Job

A baby gate has a very important job to protect a baby from potential harm. Many baby gates do very well at this, and most parents are known for putting a baby gate in places where a child might get hurt, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or on the stairs. Baby gates are especially important when a baby starts crawling. Babies often lack the ability to know whether or not something is safe, so many parents spend a lot of their time protecting their infant. There are two different types of baby gates an extra wide baby gate and a normal sized baby gate.

Which baby gate should I get for my baby?
When considering what type of baby gate you should get, look at what you are going to be using it for. Do not buy a baby gate on a whim. The baby gate should match your needs. It should be sturdy and strong and should not be easily knocked over when tested. Should the baby gate fall, it would badly injure the baby. It should also be easy to use, and should allow people access to the desired area easily and without hassle.

If a doorway area is particularly wide, you should get an extra wide baby gate. You do not want to get anything that is too short, because otherwise it will not stand up in the doorway. Carefully measure the area before you purchase the gate and note down the measurement.

Purchasing a proximity alarm
A proximity alarm is another good thing to have in addition to a baby gate. It can help protect the baby and it should help you be aware of where your child is. You should purchase a high-quality proximity alarm. Dont go cheap on this item, get a quality item.

A baby gate and a proximity alarm are just two of the things that are needed when preparing for a baby. Purchasing the right alarm and gate can help you prevent trouble from occurring before it starts.

Ways To Save Money On Baby Essentials

If you are trying to find ways to reduce the cost of the things you need to buy for your baby then you need to be aware of the many coupons that are available.  Enfamil coupons, for example can be used to save money on your formula costs.  There are many other coupons for baby items as well.  If your budget is being squeezed by the cost of essentials like diapers and formula then you need to take advantage of the coupons that are out there.  The following are some ways to find money saving coupons for your baby things.

Many companies have a point system that helps customers save money.  Check out the packages and see if you can find brands that offer this feature.  You can collect points each time you purchase the product and use them to save on future purchases.  Every company is different but if you look around you can find those that have some kind of money saving incentive.  You are going to need to be these products so you may as well buy those that offer a way to save money.  Things like diapers need to be purchased regularly so the savings can really add up.

Printable coupons are another great way to save money.  You can find Huggies printable coupons as well as many others that will help reduce your costs.  These are great coupons because you can print as many as you can find and use them every time you have to restock your baby items.  The first place to look is at the companies official website.  If you prefer Huggies diapers, for example, then check out their website.  Often times they will have some coupons that you can print and use.  You can  also find general coupon websites.  You can join these sites and have access to a wide variety of coupons.  If you put a little effort into finding coupons for your baby items you can save quite a bit.

Where To Get Baby Designer Clothes For Cheap

You want your new baby to be decked out in all the latest fashions, but sometimes your pocket book does not want the same thing! If you shop right, however, there are many places you can find baby designer clothes for cheap. Use these shopping suggestions below.

Large Online Retailers
There are many large online retailers that have a huge inventory of designer baby clothes to choose from. When you are online, you are able to sort through all of the different name brands, and then sort by price. You can also see what the lowest price, bestselling baby clothes are, so along with getting a good deal, you can get a popular item. You can even sort your results by the types of clothes you are looking for, be it clothes for christening gifts or birthday parties. You can also read the reviews to see what other people thought of the clothes they bought before you buy. Large sites like this also let other sellers sell on their site, you if you shop their stores, you will usually be able to get an even better deal. Sites like this also usually have coupon codes and sales. Search often and you can get very good at finding the deals.

Garage Sales
This goes without saying that you can get baby clothes at a good price at garage sales, but not usually designer baby clothes. To find cheap designer baby clothes at garage sales, you have to target the sales you go to differently. Find the garage sales that are being held in expensive subdivisions or cities in your area. Buying designer baby clothes for wealthy people is second nature and when their kids outgrow their designer clothes they will have to get rid of them just like anybody else who has to get rid of lesser quality baby clothes. Read the descriptions and if there is a phone number, call it before the sale to see what they have for sale. Make sure you are the first one in line since the best items go first.