Protecting Valuables With A Waterproof Backpack

Backpacking and mountain climbing are fun-filled activities that individuals indulge in frequently. Regardless of whether the weather is just not so great, these fun-based activities will always be exhilarating. Getting a waterproof backpack is the perfect remedy to keep equipment safe from extreme weather conditions. You should remember the fact that water-proof and water resistant are two different things. Working with something which resists rainwater is advisable but it doesn’t realistically shield the gear which is being transported. An illustration of this may be equipment dropping into a stream on a hiking venture. A water-resistant bag will not give protection to the items the second it is submerged deep under water.

Anybody who is skilled with outdoor camping will advise using a backpack that is fully waterproof. Any sort of fabric that’s water resistant rather than water-proof will never protect supplies from moisture. Regardless what claims are produced ample protection is not really provided by ordinary water resistant materials. This is the reason the waterproof backpack comes through on every occasion. It truly is safe to say that a waterproof backpack can successfully save peoples lives. Individuals end up stranded all around the world every single day.

Anybody who is stuck while in the woods needs all their supplies to keep them well. Consider trying to make a meal to consume utilizing match sticks that happen to be no good because they were in contact with moisture. A person that does not possess a waterproof bag may have trouble surviving if their gear is drenched and wrecked. This is exactly why there’s definitely an enormously huge difference regarding water-proof and water-resistant. Well before investing in a modern waterproof backpack make sure you find out exactly what fibers the back pack is produced with.

Backpacks that happen to be sprayed with polyurethane will tolerate water better. This specific coating cannot make the backpack waterproof but quite simply makes it possible for it to resist water. Polyester and Nylon combinations have always been what really make a bag waterproof. Nylon and polyester are very reliable fabrics used in waterproof backpacks and also other kinds of items. These great fabrics use a special weave which often prevents ripping and tearing. People love these kind of materials simply because they’re for sale in so many totally different colors and styles.

While looking for a waterproof backpack it is advisable to always make sure there is no seam weld technology involved. This type of engineering tends to make it so a back pack is no longer waterproof even in the event it implements waterproof components. Keep an eye out for this particular technology because you will not need it with the waterproof backpack. Anybody working in sales or retail would possibly try to say that waterproof and water resistant are the same thing.

Do not believe this as it’s obviously not accurate and it’s used in order to make a sale. Way too frequently folks are confronted by a bag jam packed with ruined electronics or survival equipment. Anyone who is an avid hiker should recognize that survival equipment is always a part of the expedition. This is actually the reason why it is so imperative to obtain a backpack that is waterproof and not water-resistant. Utilizing a backpack that’s water-proof a person could literally walk through a waterfall without being stressed a bit. With modern technology continuously changing and becoming small and a lot more steeply-priced it might seem sensible to need to defend it from violent weather conditions endured while trekking.

Backpacker Travel Insurance Article

Travelers with tight budget are exposed to greater risk for injuries especially if they backpack through a foreign country or difficult terrain. You are exposed to greater risks with some of the greatest adventures of your life. A person is more likely to fall ill, become a victim of crime or injured, while exploring the off beaten paths. In order to ensure your safety while traveling, it is a good idea to buy backpacker travel insurance.

These policies are specifically meant to help you save while you are on the road. You get high level of coverage with these policies for extended period of time. The policy can cover you from one week to two years depending upon your needs and requirements. As it is known as a backpacker policy it does not mean that you must rough it during the trip. These policies are better alternatives to single trip travel policies and are relatively cheaper. They provide various extras and special coverage to cover you on trip. World Nomads is the most popular and you can save more by using a world nomads promo code.

It is essential to make sure that it includes emergency medical coverage, while purchasing travelers insurance. In case you require medical attention during the trip, this coverage helps to provide financial coverage for any amount. In addition to this, it is recommended to have personal liability coverage, which is a legal coverage aimed at protecting you in case somebody gets injured due to negligence on your part. Holiday cancellation is a very important part of travelers insurance. In case you intend to end the vacation early or cancel the trip, this type of coverage compensates you for the money paid for the trip which is not refundable. If you plan to hike through the dangerous areas, then you need to consider rescue coverage which is a very good option. This part of the policy can cover any kind of rescue cost including helicopters if required.

Traveling and backpacking is a great adventure but you have to be very careful with these adventures. You get a lot of relief to protect your interests by purchasing travelers insurance.

Camping Chairs – Camping Luxury


Imagine you have just hiked 8 miles, ascending 2500 feet up a rocky mountainside carrying a 70 pound pack.  You set up your base camp, collect and filter water for the evening and night and catch dinner in a high mountain lake.  Your trout is sizzling and ready to eat.  Your legs, back and feet are sore from the strenuous climb.  And there you sit, on the rocky ground, uncomfortable and sore.  It sure would be nice to be able to sit in a chair like a regular human being at a time like this.  But you comfort yourself by thinking ‘the extra weight of a camping chair would’ve broke my back on that hike.’

That scenario has played out for me many times in the past.  What a luxury a camping chair would be after a brutal hike!  I’ve asked myself time after time ‘is it worth it to carry all this added weight?’  That has to be answered by every camper/hiker individually – it is ultimately their back on the line.  But does it have to be a difficult decision?  Are there lightweight camping chairs on the market that would be a viable option?

Now, to find a backpacking chair that is a) lightweight, b) portable, c) comfortable, d) affordable can be quite a challenge.  I ultimately had to compromise and sacrifice some comfort to gain lightweight and portable properties in my chair.  Most folding camping chairs on the market weigh more than 5 pounds.  For me, that’s just too heavy.  I have found a few folding chairs that are light, but cost an arm and a leg.  I ended up getting a Kelty camp chair off of for $24.  My chair weighs one pound, but has no legs.  So I still end up sitting directly on the floor, but I have back support and padding.  The balance is difficult to achieve, but I am happy with my choice.

Kelty Camp Chair, Blue

If backpacking is not your gig, there are heavy duty camping chairs out there that have all the bells and whistles (cup holders, headrest, reclining, foot rest, rocking).  I appreciate a drive-in camp as much as anyone else, and these chairs can make life grand in the great outdoors.  Coleman camping chairs are a great deal, and truly bring luxury into the camp ground.  Happy camping!

Coleman Tents Vs. Kelty Tents


A secondary form of shelter is essential when an emergency strikes and evacuation is necessary.  Camping tents are a great shelter option.  Besides, camping can be a fun family activity.  I get out every summer multiple times to backpack and camp in the western Rocky Mountains.  But if you look at the prices of some tents on the market, you might be shocked to see that a three-season tent can cost you upwards of $300!  For someone on a limited budget looking to invest in an emergency preparedness shelter, this is not feasable.  What about Wal-mart Coleman tents?

The Test:

2 night camping trip to the Uinta Mountains in Northern Utah in September 2010

First night – Slept in a four man Kelty Grand Mesa 4

Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Backpacking 4 Person Tent

Second night – Slept in a three man Coleman 7’x7′ Sundome tent

Coleman Sundome 3-Person Tent (Green, 7-Feet x 7-Feet)

All other variables were kept the same, such as:

  • tent placement
  • sleeping bag
  • floor mat
  • ground cloth

I decided to set up an experiment to determine if the expensive name brands are really ‘worth’ $150 more.  For this test, I chose the Kelty Grand Mesa 4 tent because it was situated somewhere in the middle of the price range for mountaineering tents.  I have used Kelty tents in the past and I like them.  I packed up my camping gear, the two tents to be tested, and my trusty sidekick Radar (black lab).  We went to a favorite camping area up in the Uinta mountains in Utah on a weekend in late september.  We stayed 2 nights and switched tents each night.  The sleeping bag I used was a North Face Goliath, which is rated to zero degrees.  The first night I slept in the Kelty Grand Mesa 4 tent (for testing purposes, I couldn’t sleep in the each tent the same night, so I chose to sleep in the Coleman tent the second night.  It reached 40 degrees.  I was comfortable all night.  I didn’t get cold, and only woke up a couple of times.  In the morning, there was moisture in my tent, around the edges on the floor, and on the tent walls.  I had the rain fly on because it was overcast, and it rained.  I was a little surprised by the amount of water in my tent, especially because I bought the tent based on the idea that the seams would not allow water in.  The second night I slept in the Coleman sundome tent.  It also reached 40 degrees.  As with the Kelty tent, I was comfortable all night, only waking up a few times.  As with the Kelty, I had the rain fly set up, and it rained again.  There was about the same amount of moisture in the Coleman tent as the Kelty tent.


I got two nights of restful sleep with both tents.  Both were tested in the same temperature range with rain.  Both the Kelty tent and the Coleman tent had roughly the same amount of moisture within the tent.  (A side note:  the water may not all be becasue of leaky seams.  The rain fly was up, trapping moisture from exhaling.  The low temperatures caused this water vapor to condense on the walls and floors of the tents by morning.)  I thought the Kelty tent was a little easier to set up, especially since I was by myself (my dog could only bark).  The coleman tent took longer, but both were set up easily enough.  The Kelty tent was marketed as a four man tent, with roughly 55 square feet plus vestibules.  The Coleman tent was marketed as a three man tent, with 49 square feet.  Both would make great two man tents.  You might be able to squeeze three men into the Kelty, but four is a stretch at best.  The Kelty tent weighed a lot less than the bulky Coleman tent.  But durability could be an issue with the Kelty three season if left up for extended periods of time through incliment weather.


For the price, the Coleman tent can’t be beat.  I thought it performed as well as the Kelty on my experiment, and would be a valuable asset for survival preparations.  Check the coleman tents home page for discount coleman tents online, or look for cheap coleman tents on