3 Keys To A Great Camping Trip

Camping can be a horror or heaven. It all depends on three things: were you prepared, who went with, and the weather. Camping should be fun, not a trial. Consider these three factors before going on your camping trip. You can’t control the weather but you can decide when you go. You can make sure to take the right gear. You can make sure you are in good company.

A last minute camping trip is no place to test out new equipment. Familiarize yourself with your equipment before taking it out. Do you have the right tent? 2 man tents are great for one person but miserable for two. A 4 man tent might be a better option for you if you plan on not sleeping alone. Would an air mattress be appropriate? Do you know how to start your camp stove? These are things you should consider in regards to your equipment before leaving for the camp ground.

Good people make for a good time. The last time to listen to while you are trying to enjoy the great outdoors is someone complaining about the bugs and the heat the entire time. Take along friends who enjoy the outdoors like you do and you are well on your way to a good trip. You’ll enjoy hiking, fishing, and exploring the great outdoors even more if you are surround by great friends.

Weather is also important. Long extended trips are bound to have one or two days of bad weather, but there is no reason that you should go on a short camping trip when it’s going to rain every day. Stay home and go another weekend.

Make sure to plan your trip according to these three factors and you are guaranteed a good time. Make sure your next camping trip is one to remember for all the right reasons.

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Why Go With A Canvas Tent?

You might associate a canvas tent with the big top at the circus. And you are not too far off as the two are closely related and share many features despite the discrepancy in size. You see, canvas tents have not fallen out of favor despite the rise of synthetic materials like nylon, because they still offer characteristics that are considered desirable for many applications.

When weight and heft are your primary concerns, like when backpacking and hiking, then a canvas tent is not practical. It is heavy and has considerable bulk no matter how you fold it. But when your campsite is reachable by car, then you are in for a treat when you opt for a canvas tent. Once you have answered the question on how you will use it, your next concern is actually buying one.

More easily bought from military surplus outlets that from sporting goods stores, you still have a few options when looking for a canvas tent. Coleman, the camping equipment manufacturer ought to have a few models up for sale at its bigger stores or online. If you want colors other than olive drab or desert camo, then Coleman tents are your best bet.

When buying, see if it can accommodate what you intent to bring to camp – camping tables, camping chairs, and others have to fit. If not, you just wasted energy lugging around something heavy when a light pop up tent can do as good a job.

In closing, a canvas tent is also prone to compromises. You gain capacity and durability while giving up portability and your ability to go deeper when camping. As with anything that makes you choose, you have to make the decision based on your intended use for a tent. If the strengths of a canvas tent is suited to your situation, then you are in for an enjoyable outing.

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