Keeping an Organized and Healthy Kitchen

In America, our culture of eating out a lot can lead us into a situation where we are painfully unaware of how to maintain a kitchen where everything is sterile and clean, and the food is fresh and as nutritious as it can possibly be. It’s a culture where speed is the most important thing our meals offer, and quality is a distant second.

For example, how long can eggs stay unrefrigerated? If you buy some eggs and accidentally leave them out for the day, are they still edible? If so, how much longer will they last? Funny enough, eggs can last quite some time until they go through the packaging process that store-bought eggs put them through, at which time they last for a much shorter period. But if you’re unaware of this, you put them back in the fridge and only get to them a few days later, you are risking making yourself sick, which would cause some serious inconvenience with your job and health.

Cooking leads to a healthier lifestyle, because when you cook with fresh ingredients you are able to avoid the high sodium content of packaged foods, and it’s much easier to eat healthy fruit and vegetables than it is when your most valuable cooking utensil is a can opener. If you got sick from a badly sealed can, how long can food poisoning last? Do you know how to treat food poisoning? Chances are, eating fresh food from the grocery will keep you away from bad food much easier than eating pre-packaged meals.

So keeping your kitchen healthy and organized, and full of foods that you intend to cook with, rather than just heat and serve, will improve your health and actually help prevent many of the problems America deals with today. Good luck on your future diet, may it include a lot of cooking spray and chopping boards!