Which Is The Best Face Cream For You?

Which is the best face cream for you?

Ahas and Bhas both come in face cream form.  The Alpha Hydroxy acid is best when used for the renewing of skin.  This cream can be used overnight.  Most over the counter creams contain at least 15 percent Alpha acid.  Anything under 8 percent has not been proven effective if being used for skin renewing and removing the top layer of dead skin.  The Alpha Hydroxy cream gets in under the skin and forces off the older, dryer, dead skin cells.  When the new cells are uncovered, they look fresh and young.  This makes the face and skin look younger.  Dermatologists use Alpha Hydroxy in strengths up to 50% but only in extreme cases.  This is an acid and should be used carefully.  This is the acid that is used when dermatologists do microdermabrasions.  Alpha has no known effect for acne.  It is a waste of money to use Alpha if you are trying to get rid of acne.

Beta Hydroxy is best used for acne treatment and prevention.  The Beta is a powerful acid that can be useful in small doses as low as 1 percent.  Most over the counter face creams will have a low percentage because it is so powerful.  It gets down deep into the skin and pulls out all of the nasty oil and dirt that clogs pores.  The clogged pores are what cause acne to begin with.  If this cream is used all over the face on a regular basis, it can cause irritation to sensitive skin.  It should not be used every night except for on the actual acne.  Beta Hydroxy has not been proven to help get rid of dead skin cells and has no known benefits when it comes to renewing the skin.  Using the Alpha would actually be a waste of money.